Our range of Shell & Feather decorator pieces and all of our hand knitted and knotted cushions and throws are made by a one woman business who has grown from a small garage to a number of shops as a result of working with us. We supply her with our ideas and we work together to create beautiful hand made items that are made by a group of women, in their homes. These are then delivered to us and end up half way around the world in the homes of our beauty loving customers. These women work together in environments that are non exploitative and in a way that benefits them and their local communities. We love working like this as it brings meaning to what we do.


We get asked this a lot, and so we thought we would make it easier for you to find out. Many of our products are designed in house and most are sourced from small single owner or family run businesses. A good portion are actually made in Melbourne, with 80% of our cushions being hand made locally by our own machinists and 70% of our lamp shades made in our own workshop.
All of our Suar Wood Lamp bases for example, are imported into our Melbourne premises and wired and finished by our staff here which is how we can offer a such a great variety of lamp base and shade finishes.
The factory that produces all of our wooden decorator pieces and suar wood lamp bases is owned by a man who has been making wooden items for many years and we are his primary customer, the money he earns from the pieces he makes for us, goes directly to supporting his family and the community of the small village in which he is based.

The Teak & Leather Furniture and the Rattan and Bamboo items that we sell are both made by small family run companies who regard us as their largest customer, we spend many hours sitting on the floor in their workshops working out colours, shapes and finishes. They respect our knowledge of the Australian market place and we respect their age old craftsmanship, together we are immensely proud of the resulting products and the way we work together. They cannot work as quickly as larger more automated factories, but we think the result is worth the wait.